My Other Wesites is my main website with more information about me, my life and my family. It contains a summary of all my works. is a play and movie script that has won numerous awards. The factual history of this battle for the survival of the mission Indians of Alta California provides the backdrop to the fictional story of Paco Palido, a mission guard.  Palido (“pale one”) is the child of a native woman raped by a Spanish solider and “saved” by Franciscans when his village is destroyed, ten years later, by the Spanish. Christian or pagan—which is he? is a play set in the mental asylum in which Antonietta employs the patients of the asylum to act out her life - as she sees it. While an inherited genetic disorder, “gelosia suprema,” is one possibility, there is, potentially, another: marginalization and complete loss of self. Antonietta spent 40 years and died in an asylum in Rome.


And We Were Left Darkling

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