In the aftermath of WW2, two men play chess. 

Each represents the extreme of man’s humanity and inhumanity to man.


--QUARTER-FINALIST in Page Turner Screenplays, 2020.

--AWARD WINNER, Prix Royal, Paris, 2020

--AWARD WINNER, Mont. Blanc International Movie Fest, Paris, 2020

--FINALIST, Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, 2020

--FINALIST, Lonely Wolf (London), International Film Festival, 2020

--FINALIST, New Wave (Munich), International Film Festival, 2021

--AWARD WINNER, Roma Short Film Festival, Rome, 2021

--Official Selection, HALO International Film Festival, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Red Movie Awards, Reims, France, 2021.

--FINALIST, Swedish International Film Festival, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Berlin International Art Film Festival, Germany, 2021.

--OFFICIAL NOMINEE  Syd Field Academy Awards, 12/15/21.

--SEMI-FINALIST.  Vienna Indie Short Film Festival, 1/9/22.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Arrow FilmFest (Paris), 3/13/22

--AWARD WINNER, Eastern European Film Festival, 5/2/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Emerald Peacock (Berlin), 7/2/22

--HONORABLE MENTION, Gold Star Movie Awards (New Jersey), 7/21/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Butterfly International Film Festival (Marseilles), 12/10/22

--HONORABLE MENTION, Budapest International Film Festival, 2/13/23

--AWARD WINNER, BEST UNPRODUCED SCRIPT, Bright International Film Festival, 4/13/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Flowers Against Bullets.  4/26/23

--SEMIFINALIST.  Hamburg Indie Film Festival, 5/15,23

--HONORABLE MENTION, International Film and Script Festival Lotus (Athens), 6/7/23.

--SEMIFINALIST, Filmtage Der Nationen, 7/5/23.

--AWARD WINNER.  Purple Sky International Film Festival (Hamburg), 8/11/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Experimental Awards-London IFF.   8/27/23.

--AWARD WINNER.  Filmzen International Film Competition.  8/27/23.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Dialog Film Festival, (Germany) 9/25/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Airflix Film Festival, 10/22/23

--AWARD WINNER, Sunny Film Festival (Berlin),  11/2/23

--AWARD WINNER, Dialog Festival (Koln), 11/7/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Geneva Film Festival, 11/8/23

--AWARD WINNER, Venice Under the Stars International Film Festival, 12/1/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Golden Ribbon International Film Festival (Prague), 12/2/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, TopShot International Film Festival (Japan), 12/24/23

--AWARD WINNER, Filmovia International Film Festival (India), 12/26/23

--AWARD WINNER, International Short Cinema Festival (Korea), 2/2/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Greece Film Festival, 3/1/24




This month we received hundreds of submissions and we are still in the process of selecting winners. However, your film And We Were Left Darkling stood out from all the others with its uniqueness and originality so our jury decided to give it a Honorable Mention. Congratulations!”  Budapest Film Festival, 2/16/23







In his capriciousness, their God gave His chosen people some vague rules,

ten “Thou shalt nots” and a gnawing conscience.  

Then He abandoned them to a world molded by a new God: the God of Power, Macht.

And We Were Left Darkling

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