In the aftermath of WW2, two men play chess. 

Each represents the extreme of man’s humanity and inhumanity to man.


--QUARTER-FINALIST in Page Turner Screenplays, 2020.

--AWARD WINNER, Prix Royal, Paris, 2020

--AWARD WINNER, Mont. Blanc International Movie Fest, Paris, 2020

--FINALIST, Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, 2020

--FINALIST, Lonely Wolf (London), International Film Festival, 2020

--FINALIST, New Wave (Munich), International Film Festival, 2021

--AWARD WINNER, Roma Short Film Festival, Rome, 2021

--Official Selection, HALO International Film Festival, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Red Movie Awards, Reims, France, 2021.

--FINALIST, Swedish International Film Festival, 2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Berlin International Art Film Festival, Germany, 2021.






In his capriciousness, their God gave His chosen people some vague rules,

ten “Thou shalt nots” and a gnawing conscience.  

Then He abandoned them to a world molded by a new God: the God of Power, Macht.

And We Were Left Darkling

2021 Lynn H. Elliott. All rights reserved.  Lynn H. Elliott